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Roman coin found


Our Education Officer for Orford Museum has extensive and wide ranging experience in education, having worked in a variety of schools for the past twenty five years.

Her role with the museum is twofold:

• To work with local schools promoting the learning of history, with an emphasis on the local area and the local people. This involves linking the museum’s resources to the National Curriculum and to Topic Titles.

• To encourage the interests of the Junior Friends in the Museum and its collection. This involves facilitating events and activities that are both appealing and educational.


Some recent projects include:

• Victorian children
• WWII evacuation
• Responsible metal detecting, reporting and identification of local finds by children under the National Portable Antiquities Scheme
• Research process
• Role play
• The Trail

In September 2009 and 2010 a group of local children participated in the Heritage Open Day weekends at Orford Castle. With the help of professional actors, a group of musicians and, Orford Museum’s Education Officer they chose local historical characters to enact and role-play in the Castle. It all proved to be a great success (see the photographs of some of the children on our ‘Kids Page’). Both of these events were funded by English Heritage.