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Accreditation Return

Orford Museum has been an accredited museum since July 2009 and has now achieved accreditation for the third time.

The form has been updated by the Arts Council, it has made us look very hard at how we manage the museum and how we keep to the strict rules and regulations that govern all museums, large and small. My understanding is that Orford Museum completes exactly the same form as the British Museum and therefore when we (hopefully) get awarded our accreditation again, we will know we work to the same standards.

It is very important to have this standard as it allows us to apply for grants and makes it possible for us to have loans from other museums – such as the rivets from Sutton Hoo in Case 6 and the Bronze Age axe heads in Case 4. The latter on loan from Colchester and Ipswich Museum service. It also links us into all the other museums around the countryside and unique services and advice that comes hand in hand with having the standard.

Jenna Ingamells, Curator.

A big thank you

Orford Museum is run by volunteers who help in many different ways, without their help we would grind to a halt. The Trustees and Committee would like to thank them for supporting the museum over the last year. Thank you!

If you would like to volunteer to help please contact Elizabeth Spinney by email: museumchairman@orfordmuseum.org.uk

For enquiries regarding Orford Museum’s collection, please contact the curator by email:


Orford Museum's Collection Devlopment Policy pdf

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Orford  Museum
Orford Museum
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