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    Book places for Tobias Capwell's talk on Richard III: 25th September 2024

    The discovery of the remains of King Richard III raised fascinating new questions. The scoliosis exhibited by the last Plantagenet King’s skeleton revealed that the twisted physique of Shakespeare’s ‘Black Legend’ did have at least some basis in fact. But how could such a diminutive person, suffering from a significant spinal condition, have mastered the knightly fighting arts? How could he have worn full armour and fought in battle?
    We are delighted to welcome back Tobias Copwell as he discusses his encounters with this most captivating and controversial of all English Kings.

    Book places for Edward Martin's talk on Suffolk Lost Gardens: 24th October 2024

    Archaeologist and landscape historian Edward Martin will show how seemingly unimportant mounds of earth and neglected ponds can, with the help of maps, old photographs and other documents, be brought back to life and revealed as fascinating examples of garden history. This exploration of Suffolk’s rich gardening heritage will include medieval castles, Tudor mansions, Georgian parks and twentieth-century dreams.

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